Monday, May 21, 2012

Counted Cross Stitch crazy!!!

Crochet Crone  Magickal Crochet  have gone Counted Cross Stitch crazy!!!  I had a request on facebook to make some of my fillet crochet patterns into coounted cross stitch patterns and I did it and I have found that I really enjoy creating the counted cross stitch patterns and it is inspiring me to come up with many, many new designs.  Now I have to turn the counted cross stitch patterns into fillet crochet pattens... Oh my Goddess what a never ending circle I've created for myself!
I've been working on the website as well to make my patterns and other digital products available for instant download after check out.

Here are a few of my new designs
Swirl Butterfly PentacleSwirl Moon PhasesSwirl Pentacle

Goddess of LoveWater GoddessVariegated Pentacle
Harm None with Celtic BorderGoddess Mandala

Free Downloadable Goddess Blessed Be Bookmark PatternBlessed be bookmark
Well these are just a few of the patterns I can go on and on but I won't.

Here are a few new Fillet crochet pattern pix as well:
Alter Cloths
Round Goddess AlterclothRound Pentagram Alter clothYin Yang AlterclothGoddess Alter Cloth
I have many others as well.

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