Monday, August 31, 2009

Original Plastic Canvas Goddess Key chain

Plastic Canvas Goddess Key chain pattern

My original design for Goddess key chains this is for sale in any color desired as finished key chains, magnets or as kits to make yourself… the pattern is also for sale.  visit for more information on purchasing.

I am but a servant to the Goddess

This is my newest pentacle and probably my favorite!  It is going to be a granny square for sure.  these are so very fun to make!!!  they are alittle Impractical for use for a bag or afghan but they applique beautifully.
This past New Moon has awoken my creativity something fierce… all of these projects have been created since new moon and the ideas in my head are beening very Impatient  that is why I have so many things going on at once… I know it is ridiculous, the number of projects I have going on at once but they are forcing me to get them out and well… I guess I’m too weak to resist. I am but a servant of the Goddess and the muses are dancing all around me.

Crochet Pentacle

this is my newest crochet pentacle.... I'm not sure where it is leading me... it has yet to tell me what it wants to be when complete... time will tell.
I'm getting a real kick out of weaving my center stars
I whipped up this little motif.  it has a weaved center... it is telling me it wants to be a granny square.... we'll see about that!

Tote bag

I came up with this tote bag idea a few days ago and I've been working on it when ever I can.  I keep switching between projects it keeps me from getting too bored with just one project.

Samhain is approaching time to get ready

I created this cute little tote last weekend... I have the pattern written but not typed up yet :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Star Afghan

I thought I'd start a blog about my newest creations.  This is my current WIP.  it is working up very quickly.  the center was alittle difficult since it is woven.  I'm writing the pattern as I go and it will be availible soon.