Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pagan Baby ~ Baby Blanket

I've started working up my pagan baby afghan.  I decided to work it in 3 stitch filet crochet with a larger needle than I originally wrote the patern for it is working up beautifully.  I've only gotten 7 rows done so far.  Here is a pic of a section of it.  its the lower portion of the B in BABY.  I wish I had time to whip up all my patterns. 

it is not a very good pic but I don't have my camara with me only my phone.  there is something to say about cheap phones!

I'm staying at my bosses house this week to cat sit, so I will have alot of time on my hands I hope to get alot of work done.  I don't have my main computer with me so I cannot do what I'd like to be doing but at least I can keep my blog up to date.  well, back to the hook!

well thank you for following my blog!

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